What a Banned Canadian Sidearm Would Say if it Wrote a Piece about Itself.

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Hi, my name is Sig Sauer and in my particular case my model is P226. I am originally designed to chamber 9mm parabellum but have many other redesigns and have been rebuilt to chamber other ammunition. I know, a bit odd but as the human saying goes, it takes all sorts. It is what it is I guess. I am a semi-automatic but have big brothers and cousinsΒ  who can switch to automatic when their humans change the fire mode via a selector switch.

My parents are of German origin and were born in 1985 in EckernfΓΆrde but my grandparents are from Virginia in the United States. I have aunts and uncles all over the United States and our family is even scattered as far as South Africa.

I am from a large global family, we are not just Sig Sauer though and we range from revolvers, pistols, shotguns and rifles and we all have various uses and all sorts of roles, from civilian, law enforcement and military and although we are one family we come in different makes, models and sizes.

I, particularly, am used by civilians for sports, self defense/personal protection or home security. I am the little brother of the standard issue service sidearm for the US military, the Sig Sauer M17 and M18. I am also the standard issue service sidearm for the United States NAVY SEALs and the British SAS and the SBS, something I am very proud of.

However, here in Canada my Sig Sauer brothers, as well as my cousins are under threat from the liberal government and the NDP (National Democratic Party) and a ban has been dangerously put on us as a part of Bill C-21. We, and my cousins have been demonized by the government because of the actions of criminals and now as a consequence our law-abiding humans are being penalized for the actions of those criminals who, despite the ban, continue to commit gun crimes daily up and down the Canadian countryside. Gun laws do not affect criminals, they only affect the law-abiding. As a consequence of what is happening with Bill C-21 our cousins are being exploited by criminals and criminal gangs and being involved in crimes – even killing police officers. That is what is happening since handguns have been banned, the crime levels have risen sharply and the law-abiding are now suffering because of it.

The government has even gone ahead and tried to ban our hunting cousins, how unfair can this get? This is a Canadian pastime but it is also a means of survival in agricultural and rural indigenous communities who rely on their hunting rifles to not only keep themselves, their families and their livestock safe from predators but to also feed themselves. The fact that we can keep people safe, in all sorts of conditions makes us very proud, we look after our humans. They in return look after us by not only keeping us clean after use but also by maintaining us when needed, some even go as far as customizing us with third party parts – such as with rails, optics, tactical lights. Some even go as far as to repaint us. Personally I prefer being my boring standard factory self. Maybe I’d go as far as a large capacity magazine and a tactical light, but I’m not sure. I know my human likes standard iron sights on his firearms so to keep him happy that is what I’d do.

Some time ago I heard some humans talking about how far this bill could go and how authoritarian it could get. I even heard one of them speaking about another bill which shows just how authoritarian Canada is becoming. One has to ask themselves, how did we get to this? Is Canada becoming a liberal utopia or a communist state? Personally, as a gun in North America I believe that both are as bad as each other.

I doubt, after listening to humans, that many of the so-called experts that have advised the liberals and NDP have ever touched a firearm in their life. They can’t even tell the difference between semi-automatic and automatic fire modes, of any firearm, whether revolver (which for the unknowing only has one fire mode), pistol, shotgun or rifle. I got so annoyed that my safety got a bit wobbly and my cocking mechanism was shaking a bit and prayed to be left in my safe. How stupid can one government, let alone one man get? Okay, my safety is going again, I need to move on before I have an accidental discharge from being too rattled. And no to the human perverts, I am talking about my trigger accidentally going off.

I want people to understand that WE are not bad, we are a tool and if used properly are not the problem. We, or our cousins do our jobs well, we are not out to hurt anyone and neither are our law-abiding owners. People who follow the rules, license us and get trained on the proper use of us because we are not toys, and if you don’t know how to use us properly we could accidentally hurt you, your family, friends or loved ones, or even worse. But used properly we are your last line of defense against anyone wanting to hurt you, your family or take your property. We can be as nice or as nasty as you want. We prefer staying holstered, just chilling out in comfort but if necessary we will do what we have to do when and if the time comes. But, like our humans we also like to get some range time thrown in.

Us guns in general are not the problem, the problem is the mindset of some humans. If you have a human who obtains a gun but intends on doing evil he or she will do evil – those humans are the problem. NOT us and not our law-abiding humans.

Let’s also remember that not all of us are purchased legally, the underground market is massive.

Stop blaming us, blame humans with evil intentions, check your attitudes and let us be a force for good, rather than for evil. Let our hunting cousins do what they do best and let us protect our humans. And let our law-abiding humans enjoy what they enjoy doing.

Stay safe all,


PS. Browning High Power, I am really sorry for stealing your thunder with the SAS and SBS, we’re just better cuz, admittedly though you were good for your time, let us young guns take the field now, you deserve your museum time. Rest easy.