The Nonsensical War on Agriculture

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It often concerns me with the way the world has gone, not only because of the β€œwokeness” but one of my biggest concerns, especially coming from agric stock is the war on agriculture, which unfortunately is a big deal and is very real.

Some time ago, a few months back on December 12, 2022 I stumbled upon an article on the Netherlands who, due to EU regulations on climate change were shutting down 3,000 farms. That is a way of life, an existence for thousands of families, for not only the farm owners themselves but their labour too. I of course mentioned this in my Instagram, which can be followed by clicking the social icon in the sidebar, or by clickingΒ here.

This however does not only affect farmers and their workers, this affects the citizens of the Netherlands, this affects the economy of the Netherlands. And, believe it or not agriculture is not the big bad wolf that certain leftist governments and activists would have you believe with their misinformation and greatly deluding those who do not know better, but as people have been taught by society they now follow what the so called β€œexperts” are saying. People who have not stepped a day in their life on a farm or a ranch. Agriculture, livestock or otherwise is not a threat to climate change.

In that Instagram post I mentioned above this is what I wrote, and I quote:

β€œThis proverbial war on agriculture has now stepped way over the boundary

A few days ago I saw an article that the Netherlands is due to close down 3000 farms to comply with EU regulations on climate change. That’s thousands of farmers’ ways of life affected, most of whom will probably not know anything else.Β 

There is no such thing as healthy lab grown ANYTHING, be it crops or meat. Lab grown meat, corn etc will be used to replace it all, it’s common sense that that is the direction they will take.Β 

There are nutrients and minerals that the human body requires that comes only from the soil and red meat. There are minerals that only the earth can provide which is absorbed naturally into the fruit, grain and vegetables we eat, in return this helps fortify immune systems and strengthens bones, teeth etc

This is parted to why Africans are as physically powerful as they are and why those who do have access to daily meals have fortified immune systems. This is because of the natural minerals that come from maize (corn) and is used to make the staple diet meal: in Zimbabwe it’s called sadza, Kenya – ugali, South Africa – pap. Each African nation has its own name, naturally.

This war on agriculture will not do the world any favours, whatsoever. Illness will increase, adding pressure to already struggling healthcare systems around the world, such as the NHS in the UK and Medicare in Canada. Global economies will struggle due to the inherently important role that agriculture plays in the GDP, in both developed and developing nations. And thus poverty and death will increase exponentially.

Man will never, ever be able to replace what Mother Nature provides. A farmer farms, a rancher ranches and they grow and cultivate what is provided for them for you, the consumer.

This will just add pressure to the impending global food crisis.

Mind you, this actually doesn’t surprise me, the EU largely doesn’t seem to operate by common sense, at all.”

And whilst I say the EU doesn’t seem to use much common sense, I think that is much of the world at the moment.

Now, going back to Instagram, this morning I came across a video by an Instagram user from Ireland, his handle is @the_long_acre, check him out when you get the time. For your viewing here is the video



The simple and realistic facts, are us agric lot are sick and tired of the misinformation spread by the left and people like Bill Gates and activists like Greta Thunberg, all Greta Thunberg had to do was utter three words, β€œhow-dare-you” and the left folded, paving the way for this utterly nonsensical crap that we are now facing.

Believe you me, if you think that the war on agriculture will stop at livestock farming and ranching you’re wrong. Once the left and Gates win their war of dissolution and misinformation on livestock agriculture it will extend to crops and horticulture and you will be eating lab grown everything and those very same people who fed you that nonsense on how red meat was bad for the planet will also then convince you that the health benefits that you can get from lab grown meat, lab grown veg, lab grown fruit surpasses those grown in nature.

Again, there are vitamins and natural minerals that you can only get out of the soil and red meat that you will never get from lab grown anything.

In an article, by IFLScience, entitled Lab-Grown Meat 25 Times Worse for the Planet published on 10 May, 2023 and can be read here. We need to get one thing straight, red meat is NOT bad for the planet at all and it is ridiculous to even begin to think that a herd of, say 1000 head of cattle is worse for the planet than 1000 cars in New York, London, Washington DC, Los Angeles; or say a fleet of commercial jets that fly the globe daily or boats and ships in our oceans and shipping lanes. It is plain hideous to think otherwise and you don’t need a scientist to tell you that, all you need is common sense to work it out.

I can 100% guarantee you that if you lock me in a garage overnight with three cattle and you did the same with running your car overnight in a separate garage I would be the one walking away without any after effects. Just remember to have an EMS on standby while I will saddle my horse up to go check the rest of my herd.

Stop people like Bill Gates and others that are tying to convince the world that livestock and red meat is bad for the planet from flying everywhere and watch the carbon emissions drop by significant amount. It has nothing to do with livestock, it has nothing to do with farm equipment and machinery being too heavy on the soil. It has everything to do with those who condemn agriculture at every turn they can, yet they jet everywhere on their private jets and get their avocados flown in from abroad.

You want proof? Simple. During the lockdown over Covid international travel stopped, the ozone layer started repairing itself, this is fact and I will put a hyperlink at the bottom of this blog to show you. In all the time I’ve been in the UK the sky was the bluest I have seen in the seventeen years I have been here. Birds that have not been seen in the UK for hundreds of years started returning. International waters started clearing and nature started flourishing.


This is all because international travel was cut out during all of this, therefore carbon emissions were drastically reduced. Livestock and agriculture in general cannot be held responsible for this.

Livestock were still grazing and being fed, yet…were there any issues? The simple answer is NO there were not. So livestock is at fault for climate change? This level of misinformation and ignorance is a danger to progress and human life because sadly people are falling for it left, right and center and if leftists don’t agree with these recorded facts they throw hissy fits because they want opinions and so called facts that weigh in on their agenda. If these facts don’t tick their little box they will try and rewrite them until they do tick their box.


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The dangers this world is facing are not caused by agriculture, neither is it red meat’s fault, it is not tractors or combine harvesters that are the problem that so-called β€œexperts” have said are β€œtoo heavy on the soil”. The danger is those who criticize and demonize agriculture at every turn they can.

We cannot allow this to continue, it is our responsibility to show the likes of Bill Gates and Greta Thunberg that they are wrong and it is them and their likes that are causing the problems. Not agriculture. Gates needs to stick to what he does best, Microsoft, which let’s be honest, even that as a piece of work is rubbish.

If you do happen to lock yourself in your garage with your car running overnight I do not accept responsibility, legal or otherwise for what happens to you, it was your own dumb fault for trying to prove me wrong.

Oh, and Rest In Peace!


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