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Have You Ever

Have you ever-wandered distant shores?

Have you ever sat beneath stormy skies?

Have you ever crossed smiles with a newborn child?

Have you ever stared into the eyes of another and wondered what they’ve seen, felt and done in their lives?

Have you ever taken time to think, feel and see life for what it really is?

Guy Taylor

28 April 2004 Β©

Great Northern Plains

What would it be like on the Great Northern Plains?

Once home to the Indians

Where the wolves, bison and elk once roamed in their thousands without fear of being hunted out or discriminated against

What would it be like to lie under the stars on the Great Northern Plains?

Where the Indian once played and was kin to his brother the wolf

What would it be like to see & to ride amongst the wild mustangs that once roamed the Great Northern Plains?

Home to the Indians, the wolves & the horses

What would it be like on the Great Northern Plains?

Guy Taylor

20/10/2002 Β©

Spirit of The Black Horse

On the cliffs you stand, your mane blowing in the wind, your head held high with pride as you stare far out; when you move, you are as quick as the wind, as graceful as all can be, as pure as grace itself.

You are as black as night itself and your spirit forever lives on, you are as pure as the beginning of time from where you came, your spirit forever lingering and in our souls forever there, forever real.

I feel our souls are one and are locked together; I see you in my dreams often & feel you with me from day to day; you are the power, the soul, and the spirit I carry within my heart.

You are the spirit that lingers within my soul.

Guy Taylor

22 March 2003 Β©

A Friend

AΒ friend is someone who makes a dull day brighter

A friend is someone who will put a smile on your face when you’re down, without seeing them, or receiving or giving a smile.

A friend is someone who will stand by your side when all odds are against you.

A friend is someone who will stand out from the rest and come first.

A friend is someone who will love and appreciate you unconditionally.

A true friend will be for life, until time passes by and will remain so in the heavens above

A friend certainly was a gift from God, never to be forgotten, never to be left behind; always to be loved and cherished.

You are my friend and all this you are to me.

Guy Taylor

22 July 2014 Β©