Plants Cry??? Yet Another Stupid Revelation of So Called ‘Science’ on the War on Agriculture

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Howdy folks, I trust this finds you all well, wherever you are in this increasingly maddening world. I’m just gonna jump straight to it and lump the pleasantries for now.

I cannot believe the stuff that has been happening. Russia took over the UN security council last week, even more so I dub it the United Nothing for a reason. UK’s Labour leader, Keir Starmer is under fire for his stance on the transgender shenanigans, which I might blog about in time but as it isn’t really in line with the primary niche of this blog I will have to deliberate it. Although I must say from a personal viewpoint that it is abnormal. Oh, and just yesterday I stumbled across a BBC article stating that the British government is considering changing the legal definition of β€œsex” to β€œbiological”. I called this on on my personal Facebook on Tuesday.Β  If you were born a male that is what you are, if you were born a female that is what you are. If you are a male and God wanted you to be born a female you would have been and if you were born a female and God wanted you to have been born a male you would have been. This is so abnormal that I’m not comfortable with fathering kids into this world. I will not have them parted to all this ridiculousness. I have to question, what do us men say to our girlfriend or wife, or girlfriend or wife say to us (sorry, I refuse to conform to this transgender-sexist crap) if this goes through if we want to make love or have sex do we say β€œI want to have biological with you”??? What in hell is going on in this world????

Look, as I have said before, you can still be gay, or homosexual and still be a male and still be a female, there is nothing wrong with that, just as long as you don’t push those preferences on me all will be good. The massive problem is deciding your gender based on your sexual preferences. That is just crazy, completely absurd. You were born how you were born, that is it.

What I’m here to blog about today though (after my little spiel) is the hilariously infuriating recent article from Scientific American on the new ‘science’ on crops ‘crying’ when they are cut. I honestly don’t think I’ve read so much nonsense in a few days (it can’t be an April Fools joke, can it???). Has this ‘scientist’ ever heard of plants dying and wilting? They dry up without irrigation/water and so of course they make sound, duh. Where do these people get their doctorates from, Kelloggs? Kelloggs must be killing it, they must have a drivers licence department due to all the stupid drivers on the roads these days, as well as a science degree education department. With stuff like this how can we “trust the science”?

If you saw my previous blog, β€œThe Nonsensical War on Agriculture” you will see where I mentioned that the war on agriculture will not end at livestock but once that war has been won it will then extend on to crops and horticulture, it would seem that although I was right I was wrong on the timing, it has started. These so-called β€œexperts”, and because the β€œscience” has said, will not rest until we are all eating lab grown everything.

Look, I honestly don’t have a problem with someone’s personal dietary choices, they can choose to eat rocks for all I care, it’ll definitely keep orthodontist practices in business so, yeah, go ahead…eat rocks – they don’t cry. That’s until some scientist who is most likely high on their own supply alleges that they do. Then they will go β€œlab grown rocks are healthier for you”

Anyway, pretty much every other carnivorous human being I know feels the same about not caring about other folks dietary choices, that is until some vegan gets aggressive with us about our choices and then, hey, it’s war. Ever watched a lion or a wolf on a kill if the other predators try to take away their meat? Well, yeah…that’s me if you try to take away my meat. Some of my most favourite people in this world are vegans and they don’t push the agenda at all, that is their choice and I’m fine with that because they are fine with mine. And like I am with pretty much everything in life, your attitude dictates my attitude. You play nice I play nice but be an asshole you can be damn sure I am gonna come after you with everything in my arsenal and I won’t hold back, however long it takes, I do not forget and I almost certainly do not forgive.

Back to what I was saying though…I drifted for a minute there. But…I have never once seen there being meat-eater protests, I have never once seen there any hostility, or aggression towards vegans or any animal rights protestors from meat-eaters. Except I recently saw some hilarious footage, albeit being a few months old of a random dude eating and licking his kebab in front of some animal rights protestors. The guy truly has some cojones and I couldn’t stop watching it when I first saw it on Facebook the other day. I shall embed the YouTube video at the end of this blog for your entertainment. Well, of course this is whether you’re woke or not, if you are woke you will undoubtedly deem it offensive and try and find a way to report this blog because of your prissy little snowflake feelings feeling so insulted.

As per usual I will embed the video at the bottom of this blog, along with some other hyperlinks.

But seriously, this agenda to rid the world of agriculture has gone too far on a number of levels. It started with livestock agriculture and now it is moving on to crops and horticulture, albeit a little earlier than I said it would, but I did say it would happen in my previous blog.

Folks need to seriously stop blaming agriculture for what is happening on the planet. If we go back millennia and use our God given common sense the planet has always been changing on its own, we need to stop looking at something else to blame. Whatever is happening is related to us, ONLY. As I said in my previous blog, if we cut air travel down we would see carbon emissions drop significantly, it’s common sense and all we need to do is to go back to Covid lockdowns to see how that worked, I’ll not repeat what I said in my previous blog for fear of sounding like a stuck record, but click here to read it or click on the hyperlink at the end of the blog.

The problem is humans are, by nature always looking for something or someone else to blame other than themselves and to be quite frank blaming livestock and other agriculture is quite honestly a massive copout. It is passing the buck. I think by nature humans are, in this day and age anyway, incapable of accepting their own wrongs but will always, or frequently look for something or someone else to cast the blame rather than look at themselves.


But to be quite honest, threatening to replace diesel and gas (petroleum) vehicles with EV’s by 2030, raising taxes on agricultural products such as fertilizer, animal feed (although I am personally a firm believer in grass raising and finishing cattle) etc. Blaming red meat and agriculture in general for the problems that we face is just ridiculous. It is in a sense removing common sense out of the equation and letting our lives be ruled by emotions instead.

So yeah, I probably sound like a stuck record after my previous blog but it really is time this war on agriculture stopped. If we got rid of agriculture it would create more harm than good.

And it is time that we took the bull by the horns and stopped these assaults on this important way of life.

Enough is enough!


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