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When I first created this blog it was with the intention of primarily blogging about my journey back into the world of agriculture and more specifically livestock farming because I feel that, while crop farming is as important my heart has always been on working with cattle and horses, it’s how it has been since I was a kid and that has stayed with me as I’ve grown older and now in my early forties. That is still the wish with this blog and I have no intention of deviating from that path.

But to me it is more than just blogging about my intended agricultural journey in a country or a part of the world where I would much rather be than where I am right now as stuck as I am but it is also intended to be about my personal development journey, how it started, under what circumstances that made me realize it is a journey I needed to start off on but was also ready to embark on. Sure, there have been highs, there have been lows but the highs vastly outweigh those lows. And that is the thing about a personal development journey, like any journey there are high points and low points. There are two analogies I like to use and although there are many other analogies to associate with a personal development journey I particularly like to use climbing a mountain or working with a horse. Climbing a mountain we will always stumble on a path, sometimes we will lose hold of a hand hold or a foothold but the most important thing is we regain that momentum to carry on climbing, regardless of the bruises and the scrapes and we do not let go or we will slip to plunge to an unfortunate demise. Or, my favourite, working with a horse and cowboying up. We will always fall, no matter what, no matter how versed or experienced we are but the most important thing, for both ourselves and the relationship with that horse is we get up, we dust ourselves off. We cowboy up and carry on. You might not train that horse in the time that you want to because of its temperament and spirit but one day you will get there. You will forge a relationship and partnership with that horse and build its trust in you and in other humans. It is just like a journey where we stumble and fall. We get up, We dust ourselves off and keep going because as I say, laying in the dust never did anyone any good. Or, as the Brits say, β€œstiff upper lip”…(old chap).

I also intend to share my geographic journey, experiences and adventures should my dreams and wishes that I am working towards obtaining come to pass and in amongst all that will undoubtedly share a lot of philosophies that I have created and have forged within my personal development journey that have helped shape my way and the path that I intent to follow.

I was also thinking though, maybe due to my domain name before I get accused of various things that I did a Q&A for my readers and so below is a list that I think would be questions people will either ask in time or have been asking themselves. So here goes.

Questions and Answers.

Q: What was your domain name before, why did you pick that and why did you change it?
A: My domain name before was which I chose for a couple of reasons; was taken and I wanted something with my name in it so I asked my father for permission to use his second name. I ended up changing it because I wanted something shorter and something that reflected more of myself and my passions.

Q: Why equusniger and what does it mean?
A: Equus niger is Latin and means black horse. I chose it as everything else I wanted associated with a black or dark horse in English was taken and my favourite colours ofΒ  horses are blacks, bays and chestnuts with blacks being my most favourite and bays being my second favourite.

Q: Why did you choose Latin and not English?
A: Latin was not my first language to try, I searched for the availability of each of my preferred domain names in English but all were taken. I then tried Lakota Sioux which would have made the domain name very long and complicated so Latin was my last port of call. I actually quite like it.

Q: Was black horse your only preferred domain name?
A: No, the other was black wolf due to the fact that by nature I have a lone wolf personality. But like black horse it was an unavailable domain name.

Q: What is the translation of black wolf in Latin and why did you not take that?
A: Black wolf in Latin is lupus niger but I did not feel comfortable having a domain name associated with a known group of diseases.

Q: You say you have a lone wolf personality, what does that mean and does that mean you cannot or do not like to work with a team?
A: A lone wolf personality means I like to be on my own and am comfortable with itΒ  but no, this does not mean I cannot or don’t like to work with a team. I find team work a separate entity and an extremely valuable and healthy part of work and social life. But I equally like my solitude.

Q: Where do you see yourself in two to five years?
A: Ridin’ the range, fencing or calving…or hiking some mountain range or fishing. I have no plans to visit the good Lord just yet but who knows, He may have vastly different plans.Β 

Q: Do you believe in God?
A: Yes, I do but I consider myself more spiritual than religious but cannot stand the hypocrisy involved in some corners. Those people give our faith a bad name.

Q: Would you like to settle down, get married and have kids someday?
A: Yeah, definitely someday. What man doesn’t wanna find himself a good woman, settle down and have kids with? I wanna hand a baton down some day, whether it be to a son or a daughter, that’s providing they wanna take up that baton. Their life will be theirs to choose how they wish to live it, provided they’re not breaking the law or willfully hurting others. For now though it isn’t a priority.

Q: Do you like to hunt?
A: Yes, for the right reasons. I have no time for trophy hunters or those that do it just for fun or so called β€œsport”. If it is for survival then I’m there.

And that’s my Q&A covered. I’ve put questions down that I feel folks would ask and I have answered. If you have any further questions feel free to ask and I’ll give my answer.

Thanks for being here, see you next time.

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